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July 30, 2010

Tiger Links - Interesting Articles

Tiger Links:

Here are some articles that I think you may want to read:

LSU Expects ‘Special’ Defense by David Paschall  The Chattanooga Times Free Press
"LSU was noticeably better defensively last season under new coordinator John Chavis, and the Tigers are sensing that the best is yet to come."  Read More

LSU Preview - Part 1 of 8; Recruiting Notes  by Kris Brauner Saturday Night Slant
"This is the first of an eight part series where I will preview LSU's team for the 2010 season.  Rather than do the standard position by position breakdown, which you can find anywhere (and what I did prior to spring), I will instead ask and answer a series of questions.  I will answer one question from offense and one from defense in each part.  1.  Will LSU's offensive line be improved?" Read More

Best Position in the SEC? by Chris Low ESPN SEC Blog
"Now that we’ve whipped through the position rankings, what position is the strongest in the SEC?  Everybody says this is a defensive league, which it is. But it might surprise some people that two of the top three positions entering the 2010 season are on offense. Here are my top three: . . . ." Read More



Anonymous said...

These first 2 article I had not seen.

Rob Melancon said...

I do not think the offensive line is going to be better this year. For one, they are less experienced. And two if these guys are so much better than the offensive line last year, why didn't they play last year? The problem is that Jefferson could not find an open receive quickly enough and so he just sat on the ball and waited to get tackled.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rob,I know it is painful, to think that the LSU football program has slipped the last few years, but how can we not believe our own eyes, and ears?
I just hope the 2010 LSU football teams, keeps their head above water, and are not embarrassed by the ever improving SEC.
LSU QB play, has been really bad off,I do not think we will see a big improvement.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, what spin. "Any reasonable fan would have expected a drop off after Saban left"? LSU had two NFL caliber qbs, three nfl caliber receivers, an O-line that really could open holes, and three running backs destined for the NFL. On defense we had two top 5 draft picks on the d-line and NFL caliber dbs and an all conference punter and place kicker. What in the world are you talking about.

And while LSU hasnt been qb U as you say, they have been when they won signifcantly. LSU's best seasons, Warren Rabb, Bert Jones, Alan Risher, Tommy Hodson, Rohan Davey, Matt Maulk, Jamarcus Russell and Matt Flynn... Thats eight qbs spanning 25 yrs of the 50 yrs since LSU won a MNC. Thats about half the time... check it out, its when we had the Chad Loupes of the world or the Jordan Jeffersons that we stink.

And if Miles is an offensive coach, how come the offense is so 'offensive'?

Saban brought LSU from obscurity,a nd Miles is progressivly returning us there. Be a fan though, dont question the policy, and for goodness sake, give your money to TAF.

LesistheBest! said...

I cannot believe the 1:23am Anonymous comment. This guy seems fairly intelligent yet, way off the mark. He must be a lawyer. In response to 1:23am guy: "slipped the last few years" - LSU lost a 5-star QB when Ryan Peri. was kickoff the team and the last two years have had to try to make do with young/inexperience QBs. LSU has managed and 8-5 painful season and then a 9-4 season in which the Tigers lost by a touchdown and a field goal to a strong Florida Team, by 9points to a National Champion and undefeated Alabama team with bad calls accounting for the margin of both games, and by 2points to Ole Miss and 2points to Penn St. Plus if you look at the recruiting class rankings LSU had a bad recruiting year the first year that Miles became HC in 2005 and Ryan Peri. was the only 5-star recruit in that class so it makes sense that 2008 and 2009 would be drop off years for LSU. 2005 has been the only year under coach Miles that LSU has not finished in the top 10 of recruiting and in 2009 ESPN ranked LSU's recruiting class #1 and every other recruiting service ranked LSU either #1 or #2. Most have the current recruiting class somewhere around #5 last I checked. So first of all "few" years would suggest more than 2year and 3years ago LSU "slipped" into winning an undisputed National Championship under coach Miles.
As for the long list of glorious QBs that 123guy lists: How many of those guys that have played in the last 30years did squat in the NFL? I will give you that Bert Jones was a great QB but, not many NFL Hall of fame guys on that list. Check you stats 123guy and I bet you will find that at some point the QBs on your list only managed to lead LSU to only 8 or 9 wins in a season or two. While you are checking your facts, check to see how many of these glorious QBs started at a younger age than Jordan Jefferson. We all know that Jefferson and Jarret Lee were both pressed into service early and that kind of scenario always spells struggle. Still with mostly J.Lee and Jefferson LSU has managed to struggle to a 17-9 overall record. If LSU was "brought from obscurity" by Saban as 123guy says, then how could we have had any meaning success on the field with the might 8 QBs that he lists? or were these QBs good but not good enough to bring our weak Kitten teams more than just a passing notice?

LesistheBest! said...

continued -
And last but not least as to the first paragraph about "Any reasonable fan would have expected a drop off . . . ?" - If Les was as weak of a HC as 123 guy evidently believes, yes, he would have certainly done no better than Saban had done the previous year with the same players. LSU went 9-3 Sabans final year and barely missed 8-4 because of three missed extra points by a very unlucky Oregon St. kicker in the opener that year. Under supposedly hapless Les Miles LSU went 11-2 losing in OT to UTenn. in overtime after a couple of distractions (remember the two hurricanes that year). The other loss was to Georgia in the SEC championship game after an injury to our QB. In 5 of those games Les' "offensive" offense managed to score 35points or more. The previous season the same players under Saban only managed to score more than 30points 3 times and in their loss to Auburn managed only 9points. Looking back at Bob's article it, the point he is making is that when you bring in a new coaching staff with a new scheme on both sides of the ball, there is sometimes a learning curve transition time that reasonable people should allow for. It is amazing that that offended 123guy. Yes, Saban left the cupboard full but, a lesser coach would have been much further from a nearly perfect season especially with the beginning of the season chaos that the hurricanes had brought to the LSU campus.
Saban deserves his due if not for any other reason than he was smart enough to leave LSU as a winner and with a well stocked FB team but Les and the current LSU team deserves much more respect from so called fans like 123guy. 123guy why don't you just keep the money that you have been donating to TAF and the lost LSU cause because if your money comes with this kind of cancerous talk, we can get along just fine without it and without counting you as an LSU fan. Bob you are a breath of fresh air. I caught a couple of your "LSU vs. Washington" blog articles last year and knew that you were a good one. Keep up the good work and know that we true LSU fans are with you.

Anonymous said...

Well then it must just be my imagination that we've gone 8-8 in the SEC the past two yrs. And likely are going 7-5 this season. But thats just cancerous talk I suppose. Lets go the route of the cowardly lion in Wizard of Oz... ready?....repeat after me... "I do believe in Les, I do believe in Les, I do, I do, I do.." There, better now?

So, LSU hasnt had good qb' because they dont make the NFL HOF. Thats the arguement? The list I gave you were all Conference and all SEC players. All played in the NFL for several yrs. Half the qb's at LSU have played in the NFL in the past 50 yrs and we're some qb version of Jerry's kids now?

But enough of the folly of LSU hasnt ever needed qb's to win. We only won when we had good ones, but thats not really all that deep now is it? Oh, wait, no HOF's, my bad.

So, riddle me this. If Les is supposed to be so great, recruiting, etc., then why is it that after 5 yrs, LSU has recruited one decent qb, and he was a guy Saban passed on, refused to recruit because of character issues?

As for poor young Jordan, its really hard to say how young Hodson was as a RS frosh when he led LSU to the SEC championship, but I'd bet it was likely the same age as Jefferson, more or less. As for Bert Jones, well, he didnt start until his Jr. year, that'd be his RS soph yr by todays standards, but he did o.k. Risher also started as what would now be a RS frosh. He did O.K. too.

But actually, though I'm not a lawyer, thanks for the insult, I will point out one interesting point you make to conclude this nonsense, well two points actually. You wax on ad nausem about how LSU almost won their games last yr, but the refs cheated us, or Miles screwed up, but we almost won. Then you compare it to a game where LSU 'amost lost'..Oregon st. But didnt.

Key point there grasshopper, in those times, even when we stunk we didnt... Now we do our best, our coach is great, its just the breaks... Moral victories. Light em up, the moral victory lamp is lit.

Second point, and final... When did you become the opinion police. You didnt refute a single meaningful point, not on qb.s not on wins and losses. You just whimsically prattled on about how you didnt like my opinion. Heres a thought. Who asked you? Go back to your facist liberal politics where you can tell others what to think and what to do with their money.

You just might see my opinion again.. ooohhhh, I hope I dont get scared you're not going to like it.

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