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August 18, 2010

LSU Tiger Links - Just Two this time

I have just a quick couple of article links for your reading pleasure.

  • A couple of days ago The Quad (The New York Times college sports blog) ran a short but good piece called "Five and Five, No.20 North Carolina" that lists five likes and five dislikes of UNC's team this year. It is a great quick preview that you will want to see. 

  • Today Pat Forde of ESPN wrote a very simple but good piece called "Is Miles more of less?".   Forde does a thorough and entertaining job of representing both sides in this typical LSU fan debate. After you finish Forde's article should you long for the unabridged version of this debate, look through the "comments" sections of almost any article I have written since the end of July. 
Another thing that you may want to help me think about is the broad topic of "LSU and quarterbacks". More specifically, out of all the current active college quarterbacks who would you pick to be the LSU QB? If you want to weigh in on this, leave a comment. 


Anonymous said...

John Brantley from Florida or Ryan Mallet from Ark. are my picks.

Anonymous said...

Russell Shepard, I really wanted to see him throw one pass. He threw for thousands of yards in the top division in Tx high school ball.

Anonymous said...

Matt Barkley, USC

Anonymous said...

Mallet, UArk

Anonymous said...

Anyone but JLee or JJeff

Anonymous said...

Jordan Jefferson is going to surprise people. I'd stick with him.

Anonymous said...

The Forde article is dead on it had me laughing out loud bc I have been on both sides of that one. I had not seen that one - thanks Mr. Bob.

Anonymous said...

It looks like to me, that the LSU football fans are indeed taking Les Miles side, and are really hoping that Les Miles win with this LSU football team.
Tiger stadium will be jumping out of the ground, if Les Miles and this tiger team, comes back from Atlanta, a winner, over North Carolina.
I think Les Miles is going to be the LSU head coach for a long,long,time.

Anonymous said...

Of course everyone, EVERYONE would love to see Les succeed. Even the most vitriolic of us would be glad to chomp down on a double helping of crow served at some BCS game.

Sadly, the issue is though, based on the past, the past two years, which are the players he's developed for four and five years, is there much of a reason to think that success will follow his sails.

If Les isnt a Larry Coker clone, we've just never seen one. Perhaps this year it'll all be good. Wow, hope so. But think about it. When Miami was dominating, along with all the rest, they always had a qb. Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, Gino Torreta, etc.

Whats Les doing trying to win without a qb? Whats he doing trying to run the ball excessively when he had them?

When it comes to a qb, how does it work that Ark. gets the best qb in the country and is looking good. We get the best qb in the country last year, and turn him into a receiver. Perhaps good for him in terms of a pro career, but not for us considering whats in the qb section of the locker room now.

Mallet or Brantley. Thats easy.

As for Miles, we can all wish for him to prove he can make it with his own staff, his own players. He recruited well enough, now can he coach them. We wish he will. Then again, we wish rainwater were beer, but its not.

Anonymous said...

So you want a head football coach who recruits the best college football players every year.A head coach who is a man, with the coaching ability to out coach his opponents, on game day.
I guess then, you are wishing for what you wish,because Les Miles is not what you think we should have. You and me, have no argument,we totally disagree.
Good luck with your dreams,and hopes,it just so happens, your dreams and hopes, are not mines.

ClarityKing (CK) said...

I wish you guys would select the "Name/URL" option and type in some handle. It is hard to keep a score card with you guys.

RollTide! said...

Ok, CK, Greg McElroy is the best QB.

JohnReb1 said...

Jeremiah Masoli - leaving a "handle" for CK.

Anonymous said...

McElroy has never lost.

LikeATiger! said...

JJ is going to be "Dynomite!" Jordan Jefferson!
Geaux Tigers!!!

Respect the CKs wishes on names.

Anonymous said...

If LSU has a good game against North Carolina in the Georgia Dome,and wins.
Tiger stadium is going to be jumping with excitement, waiting for the rest of the SEC team to play.
If JJ beats North Carolina,then LSU can beat them all.

Anonymous said...

Jake Locker would be the perfect fit for our style of offense!

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