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August 3, 2010

Tiger Links - Interesting Articles about LSU's First Opponent and the Full Story about Masoli, the New Ole Miss QB

LSU plays their first game September 4th.  The game is almost here and this opener should tell the Tigers where they stand.  Fans and experts are predicting doom for the Tigers so the Tigers have something to prove.   

A reader left this comment in reference to my Monday article, "Who are the Best Defensive Players that LSU will face in 2010" :  "UNC has *SIX* of eleven defensive players on watch lists. Un. Real.  LSU was what, 109th in the nation in offense last year?  UNC is treating this game as the ACC-SEC Superbowl btw. In ACC land, they're beyond sick of hearing how great the SEC is, how inferior the ACC is, and from all reports, UNC is absolutely jacked for this game.  LSU is in trouble in this one."

The realization that North Carolina has a very strong defense as well as the fact that they very well may be considering this a sort of "Superbowl/ACC-SEC litmus test" is good cause for concern.  LSU fans need to remember that Alabama struggled early with Virginia Tech in this very Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic last year.  Alabama managed to hang tough, win the game, and finish the season as National Champs.  This first match up will not necessarily determine the rest of the season for LSU, but, it is a very important match up against a solid team.  In todays Tiger Links I have include two articles that take a closer look at the LSU-North Carolina game.  I will do my homework on this game and try to give you a good original story as the game draws closer.
Here are the two articles that will get you started on what to expect when LSU meets North Carolina:

"Preview 2010 - Sept. 4 LSU vs. North Carolina (in Atlanta)" from Scout's College Football News  "A quick early look at the opening weekend LSU vs. North Carolina showdown." Read More

"Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Prediction: LSU Tigers Too Much for UNC Tar Heels"  by  Brett Stephen from the Bleacher Report
"Get ready football fans!  The start of the 2010 college football season is only a month away.  The season will be kicked off by what should be a great matchup with The University of North Carolina traveling to Atlanta, GA to take on your LSU Fightin’ Tigers in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in the Georgia Dome on September 4.  UNC boasts a strong defensive front seven with four All-ACC players that can matchup with any offense in the country.  The challenge will be a huge one for the offensive line of the Tigers, which was one of the weakest links on the team in 2009." Read More 

The other hot button issue that has LSU fans attention is Houston Nutt's embrace of Jeremiah Masoli.  Masoli was dismissed from the University of Oregon just prior to his senior season this year.  Masoli was the starting quarterback for Oregon and considered a candidate for the Heisman.  Masoli is now a graduate student at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). He has a year of eligibility and has a good chance of becoming the starting quarterback for Ole Miss this year.  An article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today already ranks Masoli as the third best quarterback in the SEC West behind Arkansas' Ryan Mallett and Alabama's Greg McElroy.

The following is a very thorough story about the quarterback that will likely be starting for Ole Miss September 25th when the Rebels visit Tiger Stadium. 

"The untold story behind Jeremiah Masoli's past, downfall at Oregon" by Michael McKnight"Jeremiah Masoli is asking you to open your mind, to consider the possibility that, regardless of what you've read or heard, he is not a thug. That would be an easier sell, of course, if he hadn't spent nearly three months in a juvenile facility in 2005 for robbery; if he hadn't pled guilty in March of this year to burglarizing a fraternity house; if his career as the starting quarterback -- and a potential Heisman contender -- at Oregon hadn't ended last month after police found him driving with marijuana in his car." Read More 


Anonymous said...

How far is the college football coaches willing to go with this "rehabilitating" bad actors, because they play football..Maybe to far?

Anonymous said...

LSU better win this first college football game this year..Nick Saban driven ambition at Alabama should make Miles that much more determent to keep LSU college football program at the top in the SEC..Les Miles must know by now, that the LSU football fans will not tolerate being second best to Alabama.

Anonymous said...

College football is now big money ($$$$)and TV glamor, in today American entertainment...Les Miles must live up to high standard that the LSU tiger fans demand..The LSU tiger fans pay for the show.
And boy what a big show it is,marching million dollar band,good looking cheer leaders,golden girl,the best college football players in America,TV,radio,92,000 football fans,tail gating, with all the best tasting food they can cook,beer,cold drinks,family,friends,you and me.
They are not going to this show to see a loser.

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to remember the 80's. LSU was awfully strong for three yrs with Arnsparger.. very strong. Then he went away to be AD at Florida. And we got a mediocre coach to replace him and for a couple yrs, we were 'OK'. Then the slide began and we got rid of Archer, and rightly so. Then we 'couldnt afford more' and got Curley. And we watched and lost. AND LSU didnt raise a finger over this until fans quit coming.

Who remembers the games with 45k in the stands in the early 90's? Saw it personally. Football was becoming irrelevant. Then Dinardo and mediocrity was achieved, and lost again.

Only once in 50 yrs has LSU hired a top level coach. Once. And we won an MNC and stocked enough players to last for another.

So those that say it cant, or isnt happening again, just take a look at Tennessee. They won an MNC in 98 and took about 4 yrs to really fall back to the pack. Miami with Larry Coker, same thing.

Gotta love it... LSU fans will not tolerate being second best to Alabama... LOL... Really. What were the 70's , the 90's the 80's ? Bama locker room had a slogan.. 'The Tide dont lose in Baton Rouge'. 'Cause they didnt for 30 yrs.

Dont look for mediocrity, or deny its existance. Its whats for dinner. Losses to Bama, UF, Auburn and toss ups to Tenn, OM, UNC, WV and likely MSU.

But we have JEfferson, and he's really improved, and this yr we're going to concentrate on the run... Cant wait.

Anonymous said...

Nana,nana,nana,hay,hay,hay,good by.

And hire a good head coach this next time.

LesistheBest! said...

Les lost only 4 games last year with a QB that was a true soph., first year starter, youngest guy to start at QB etc. Only 4 game - by 10 points to Florida (the previous yrs. National Champ. with a Heisman QB), by 9 points to Alabama (the undefeated National Champ with a Heisman RB), 2 points to Ole Miss at Ole Miss (no excuse Miles mess up that one), and 2 points to Penn St. playing on the worst field conditions since some of these boys ran through the swamps back home. Not to mention a top 10 recruiting classes forever including ESPN #1 recruiting class in 2009 and a top five class entering as freshmen this year. All this and fair weather fans think the sky is falling and we should throw out only the second golden coach we have managed to catch since the days of Charlie Mac. Come on Tiger fans! Show a little backbone! Get behind our coach and not just to look for a place to stab him in the back.

Anonymous said...

You Bama fans win a national championship and heisman and your team is still so boring that you have to take pot shots at LSU?!

The Anonymous commenter at 8:19AM slips and mentions a slogan that is supposedly written in the Bama locker room.

Busted!!! Rag while you can, Bammer. LSU will do its talking on the field this year and not rely on the refs to save our game like yall did last year.

Anonymous said...

I bet you Bammers would love to see us get rid of Miles. You Bammers know that Les is a better coach than Saban and know that if LSU gets rid of Miles LSU may very well drop back into mediocrity.


Anonymous said...

This could be a turning point in the Bama,Florida,ambition to steel all the thunder, and power, out of the SEC.
Winning is what matters,take that football field,even if you are out maned,and win that game.
Stop them.

Anonymous said...

If Nick Saban starts going 8-5 for to many years,his marriage with the Alabama people, and TV reporters, will go sour.
Florida,LSU,Arkansas,South Carolina,Penn State. and Georgia when they play.

Anonymous said...

Get ready Bama. In 2000 and 2002 Saban went 8-4 and 8-5. Tiger fans should note that Saban went 8-5 just prior to going 31-1 and winning a National Championship. Just like Miles will do this year.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:16 Anonymous...

Where is it written, that being disgusted that your team has lost twice in a row to Bama, UF, and OM is a litmus test to determine if you are a 'true' fan. I heard guys like you during Archers time, and Dinardos.

Stand behind our coach...rah rah.

You think because Bama makes jokes about playing LSU in Baton Rouge, that being unwilling to hide from it makes you, what, less of a 'fan'?

If you're fine with the excuses about Jefferson being a Soph (Never bothered Hodson in his RS Fresh y) or Risher, or Woodley, or Jones, or for that matter Dinardos guy that couldnt throw, only 'win' as we were told then...

You be a fan, and keep on with the 'we do our talking on the field' yeah, thats the problem alright.

By the way, how many games has Brantley started at UF? wasnt Stafford a Fresh starter at UGA? what about oh what the heck... you'll just say its a loyalty issue.

Go Miles... there feel better?

Anonymous said...

I guess some LSU fans are not bothered by Ole Miss fans saying that the 1959 LSU football team is really not the real NC that year,but because of a Billy Cannon punt return fluke,Ole Miss was the champion and proved the point by beating that LSU team in the Sugar Bowl 21-0..The Florida,Alabama,fans say the same thing..I also must wonder if these LSU fans do not seem to be bothered by the Out of state TV sports writers saying that LSU is really a back in the SEC pack football team, that does not belong with the real SEC Big time football team pecking order.And
laughs at how coach Les Miles talks, and coaches the LSU football team.
I guess these true LSU fans are not bothered at all that the very talented LSU football players are lost to knoe how to play football beter.
Sweet and work them self into exhaustion trying to win for the true blue LSU football fans.
No it is really the unbelieving LSU fans, that do not the sense to see Les Miles coaching talent,that is why LSU is losing these football games.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we at least see how this #1 or #2 sophomore class performs on the field before we start pulling our hair out and crying. I know that tickets cost a lot of money and we expect to win every game but do really think it is a good idea to run off a coach who had one 8-5 season and one 9-4 season because our new standards cannot tolerate anything less than perfection? No one ran off Saban and he had two season with only 8 wins, even Coach Arnie was only 8-2-1 in 1984. Those coaches were heroes.

Anonymous said...

Not to split hairs or anything, but LSU won the MNC in 58 not 59, and OM never went around saying that LSU didnt truly win the MNC in 59 because of a fluke punt return...

They didnt have to. Tennessee beat LSU a couple weeks later in Knoxville 14-13...

Got it all mixed up there I guess, oh well. Sounded good though didnt it?

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