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August 2, 2010

Tiger Links - Interesting Articles

Look for another original Bob's Sports Blog article later tonight.

Tiger Links
Here are a couple of articles that I think you may want to read:

Top 5 questions for LSU entering season by Glen Guilbeau Shreveport Times LSUBeat
"BATON ROUGE —The least-anticipated LSU football season of the 2000s starts Thursday with the beginning of preseason practice. The Tigers, coming off two disappointing seasons in which they finished unranked in 2008 and No. 17 last season after preseason rankings of No. 6 and No. 11, report on Wednesday. The games start on Sept. 4 in Atlanta when the Tigers meet North Carolina." Read More

Key questions for LSU football discussed by Randy Rosetta Baton Rouge Morning Advocate
"Two days from now the LSU football team reports to work for the 2010 season, one rife with a wide range of expectations.  Only a handful of players remain from the 2007 BCS National Championship team and the coaching staff has been revamped from that season." Read More

Glen Guilbeau and Randy Rosetta are two experienced sportswriters that have been covering LSU football for probably more seasons that either cares to admit.  Guilbeau's articles are usually carried by North Louisiana papers and Rosetta is a well respected sportswriter for the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate. Looking at both of these articles should give you a good feel for the general perception of this year's LSU team.


Anonymous said...

I just love to be able to look, and read blogs like you have Bob, because I am able to read all about the LSU tigers, and related news in college football..It can only get better,right...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think I will pass on reading these two guys. I am looking forward to reading your article tonight or tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Guilbeau must read this blog. He is like the pessimistic Bob. You both agree that Blackwell will be an improvement in the o-line.

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