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August 27, 2010

Tigers' Guide To Trash Talking: Game 1 - UNC

LSU fans are often over-the-top in their passionate support for the Bayou Bengals so trying to give advice to Tiger fans about trash talking is about like trying to tell Trindon Holliday how to run faster.  Still too many Tiger fans that have a want to trash talk effectively show up to games poorly prepared.  To prepare for world-classed trash talking you must know your opponent.  Next Saturday LSU's opponent is North Carolina.

North Carolina's defense is solid with or without their all stars.
If LSU has a big play on offense against the Tar Heels, that is an opportunity to trash talk.  North Carolina's defense has gotten a lot of media attention because 4 or 5 returning seniors that are expected to be taken in the early rounds of the NFL draft.  Butch Davis has stocked the shelves with very good defensive players and even if some of the seniors are sidelined because of impending investigations, the defense will be solid. I have found two videos that you might want to take a look at that should give you an idea of what North Carolina hopes to do to LSU with their defense.  Here is the link to the a video that highlights the Tar Heel "front seven." I think this second video will give you a better idea of what a Butch Davis North Carolina defense can do.

One of North Carolina's quarterbacks tends to throw interceptions and the other quarterback has no game experience.
Last year North Carolina QB T.J. Yates threw for 2,136 yards and 14 touchdowns but also threw 15 interceptions.  Some LSU fans can think about some of the things that they have shouted or wanted to shout at Jarrett Lee and just adapt those to Yates.  

I have run across several Butch Davis quotes that have suggested he will at least consider starting redshirt freshman quarterback Bryn Renner. Renner was Rivals #5 pro style quarterback in 2009 and seems to be developing as one might expect from such a high ranking. LSU fans might think twice about trash talking lack of game experience considering how many inexperienced players LSU will be playing in the game.

North Carolina is being investigated by the NCAA.
I personally would be careful about trash talking about this one.  You never know who is next on the NCAA's list.  But, if you just cannot pass up taking up the topic of the NCAA investigation, this article has a good description of the situation. 

I did run across an article in Psychology Today called "The Art of Trash Talk" contends that trash talking usually does nothing to assist in winning the game.  Fans should be passionate and letting off a little steam and showing emotion is not all bad but, as I have gotten a bit older I appreciate trash talking less and less.  Fans should concentrate on creating an exciting atmosphere that encourages the Tigers take all of their talent and preparation and play flat out full tilt the entire game. 


Anonymous said...

The NCAA has made this North Carolina game with LSU, a anti climatic LSU cant help but win game..All the good NC football players, can not play.
What are the fans and players, going to trash talk about?

Anonymous said...

I am sing christens songs this LSU football season,to ward off the evil sprites, around the LSU football program.
Songs like:Just a closer walk with thee,
O sweet Jesus hear my plea.
Just a walk,walk along with thee,
O dear lord,
Let it be,
Let it be.

Anonymous said...

This game is over,we can use it to get ready for West Virginia.
Use this game to get our offense sharp.
Geaux Tigers

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