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September 18, 2010

LSU - Miss. State 1st Half

The Tigers have just finished the first half of the season home opener and there is good news and bad news.

The good news - Wow what a defense!
In the last article on Bob's Sports Blog I commented that LSU's defense was nearly perfect with the exception of just a couple of checklist items.  One of the things that I mentioned was the lack of interceptions in the first two games.  Check that item off the list of "things the defense could do to improve."  The defense is dominating! LSU recorded two interceptions in the first half.  Patrick Peterson had the first interception of the season and Morris Claiborne had the second interception of this season.  LSU's defense also racked up another sack.  The next item on the "even better defense" is to not give up any third quarter big plays.  In the first quarter Mississippi State had less than 10 yards of total offense and LSU had more than 80 yards of total offense.

The bad news - LSU still has not found anyone that seems to want to put the ball in the end zone.
Josh Jasper is enroute to to being the SEC special teams player of the week with 4 field goals or 44 yards, 32 yards, 51 yards, and 37yards.  Where is Jarrett Lee? Jordan Jefferson could use a series or two to see what is going on.  Why haven't we seen Mike Ford?  Is it because he isn't a good blocker?  Here is an idea:  we could hand Ford the ball and let him run.  The three times we have handed the ball to Ford this year he has run for 9, 5, and 2 yards.  That would be an improvement over this year.  What about Spencer Ware? Toss him the ball on a short pass. Let him run.  The announcers on KWKH are even suggesting that maybe we could totally blow the opponents mind and let Russell Shepard throw a pass.  Since we have not let Shepard throw a pass in the year and two games that he has been at LSU, many may have forgotten that he threw for something like 2,000 yards in the top level of Texas high school football two years ago. He may not be able to throw the ball like Jefferson (sarcasm intended) but maybe he can connect on an unexpected short one.

Looking forward to the first touchdown of the game in the second half! Hope LSU is the first to score one.  Geaux D!


Anonymous said...

I will never understand the way coach Les Miles coaches LSU..A big stress, and strain,on the LSU offense..No polish!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Houston Nutt, of Ole Miss rebels, for making LSU head coach Les Miles pretty.
If Les, ever get a good QB,he will become down right beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hay people,(3) and 0, we are going where the Eagles fly!
"Look out Bama"

Anonymous said...

The LSU fans are not the problem on this year LSU football team..The LSU offense, can be shut down because of Les Miles.
Les keeps gambling, that the limitations of Jefferson passing, can get LSU by,instead of taking a chance on Jarret Lee pic-6 habit,from his early years..Les Miles is a gambler,not a head coach..I do not think that Les Miles can coach..What other SEC football team would start Jefferson at QB?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the second half?

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