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September 6, 2010

Remember the Georgia Dome! Look out Vanderbilt

LSU players were embarrassed in the season opening win and all of Tiger Nation is fighting mad! The LSU tigers that went ahead 30 to 10 in the first half of the LSU-North Carolina game is the tiger team that intends to show up the rest of the season.  On two offensive series LSU did not get have to worry about third down efficiency because the first play of the series ended in a touchdown.  One series never even got on the field thanks to an 87 yard punt return touchdown.  Those are the kind of things that Tiger Nation wants more of this season.  Tiger Nation was embarrassed in the Kickoff Classic despite the win.  When LSU pulls ahead each game this season hopefully a chant will rise up:  "Remember the Georgia Dome! Remember the Georgia Dome!"
Tiger Nation need something to super glue the offensive accelerator to the floorboard.  Don't let LSU's coaches off the hook.  Remind them that getting ahead and coasting is unacceptable.  Remember the Georgia Dome!

If history means anything LSU's faithful need not worry about this weeks game against Vanderbilt.  Make no mistake, Vanderbilt plays tough early in the season, at home but LSU will come out playing angry and there are a couple of things that may be a little different this season.

First, Vandy has a new head coach. Just prior to SEC media days a few weeks ago, Robbie Caldwell learned that he would get his first crack at being a head coach after Vandy's head coach from last season unexpectedly resigned.  Head coaches do not just unexpectedly resign when they think they have a really good team.

Secondly, believe it or not Vandy arguably has more serious problems than LSU.  I did not see the Vanderbilt -Northwestern game but I have read enough now to feel comfortable in saying Vandy has a serious problem. Northwestern did win the game but they did not beat Vanderbilt. I know it sounds like the same thing but just keep reading.  Vanderbilt lost to Northwestern 23-21.  Vanderbilt missed a 48-yard field goal. While that would have given the Vandy Commodores a win, 48 yards is long kick.  The problem with the kicking game came next when Vanderbilt missed an extra point and later missed two two point conversion attempts. So that is five extra points left on the field.  That is a lot of opportunities missed and unlike LSU, Vandy lost its opener and they were at home.

There are notables from Vandy's opener to cause concern for the Tigers.  Vandy quarterback, Larry Smith threw for 240 yards and one touchdown but also an interception.  Vandy's two running backs, Warren Norman and Zac Stacy, each scored a rushing touchdown.  And Vandy had more total yards than Northwestern, 432-365.  The Vandy defense registered two sacks, a fumble recovery, and a blocked field goal.  Also notable, Vandy was penalized 9 times for 91 total yards and were 4-13 on third down conversions and 1-1 on fourth down attempts.

While Vanderbilt will be scrappy, as usual, look for the Tigers to be a team eager to prove that they can be dominate.  Tiger Nation, don't let the coaches forget - we should never have to suffer through what happened in our opener.  Rally the troops! Remember the Georgia Dome! 

By the way I agree with Dandy Don Long - LSU will be 5-0 when they go to Florida and if Florida cannot fix their shotgun snap, LSU will crush the gators.        


Anonymous said...

Please,can we get some informational about LSU, instead of this cheering talk?
LSU should win the Vanderbilt game..If Les Miles has real trouble with Vandy,well he can start looking else where.

Anonymous said...

After the way the Tigers played. We need cheering and prayer.

Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks for the info on Vandy. Hopefully, we can tune things up this week. I agree we need to keep the foot on the gas.

Texas Tiger said...

I like your "war cry" ... Remember the Georgia Dome!" And well we should. 400 yards passing is just inexcusable! But after watching my recording of the game in some detail, LSU had a lot of very good plays in the game. The fumbles cost us dearly. This was the first game, and we should see some real improvement at Vandy. It just really irritates me when so called fans aren't giving this team and coaches a chance. Let's see how we come out at Vandy ... then make some conclusions. If these "fans" will remember, under the "revered" Saban, LSU didn't really look good until the 3rd or 4th games and no one was doubting the team and coaches then ... were they? All I ask is give these guys a chance. We have a young team that will learn from this game.

Anonymous said...

LSU's defense did look great except that prevent that allowed UNC to get down the field and nearly win.

Anonymous said...

You can count on the LSU tiger fans to give Les Miles the benefit of the doubt..Hoping that everything will work out for the best.
There is nothing wrong with the way the LSU tiger fans feel about their beloved LSU football team..But please, at some point down the road, the boss must be held accountable, over the way the football team plays!

Anonymous said...

Nebraska new head coach"Bo Pelini has his football team in the AP top 10,# 7...LSU #16.
This is not goof Fans.

Anonymous said...

Shepard RB, touch the ball (2 time) in the second half, against NC...Yea,lets smell the roses!

Anonymous said...

I just read that LSU is going to play the Oregon ducks, in Dallas, 2011..Great,now go fill in the other out of conference team, with Texas, Michigan,Oklahoman,and the Green Bay Packard's!
Smart,just a world of very wise men,running the LSU football program.

Anonymous said...

LSU does not back off of competition!

Billy the Kid said...

I'm just glad we won. No, it wasn't pretty but it's time to move on. My big concern is wanting to see Shep get the rock more. PLEASE!!!

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