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October 18, 2010

The 2010 LSU Tigers - Cool Cats, Southern Gentlemen

What happen when LSU played McNeese State?
LSU has had two games that they have been expected to win this year:  Vanderbilt and McNeese State.  Both of these games played out in very similar ways.  The Tigers' opponent kept up with the Tigers and looked very strong against an LSU team that was expected to blow them off of the field.  In the second half LSU provided everything necessary to prove that they were the best team on the field.  In both games LSU's ground attack proved to be too much for the opponent.  So far, when LSU plays a team that they should dominate, they allow the other team to kind of save face by looking good early and then the Tigers put them away.  Both the McNeese State and Vandy games came on the heels of two very hyped emotional games, North Carolina and Florida, in which the outcome was decided in the last seconds of the game.  As a result, Vandy and McNeese State probably played an LSU team that was no longer hyped and kind of flat.  No one really knows why LSU played the way they did against these opponents, but; I prefer to think of it like an older brother letting his younger brother look good before inevitably putting him away.   What a touch of class to allow a lesser SEC team and a lesser in-state rival look great against a highly ranked team before taking over the game.  If that's a true depiction of why LSU played the way they did, I think we can characterize this team as the "Cool Cats" or "Southern Gentlemen." I think we can all agreed that that sort of strategy is also pretty risky.  And I know, my preferred way of thinking of the wins against so call "less challenging" teams is clearly fantasy but there are very few good logical explanations.

The only other explanation that I can muster for LSU's weak showing in their 32-10 victory over McNeese State is that:
  1. The Tigers came out emotionally spent and flat after a crazy victory against a very solid Florida team.
  2. LSU's special teams are starting to get sloppy after really shining in LSU's first four games.  I cannot remember the last time that LSU's special teams set up two opponents first half scores in two consecutive games or when Josh Jasper missed a makable field goal and an extra point in the same game. That was a brilliant run by Jasper!
  3. LSU's passing game stunk.  Rueben Randle did not catch a pass and the O-line gave up at least one sack on each quarterback. The bad passing game mistakes (an interception and sack/fumble) in the last two games have set up the only other first half scores allow by the Tigers.  
  4. It appears that LSU did not really prepare for McNeese State so much as they decided to work on improving weak spots and giving opportunities for players to get into a game.
Remember that old Budweiser commercial that included the question "Why ask why?" LSU is 7-0. Why ask why?  I am not even sure if they make "Bud Dry" anymore so let's just leave it at "Why ask why?".

This "Cool Cats/Southern Gentlemen" characterization of the 2010 LSU Tigers extends beyond just the McNeese and Vandy games.
In every game where LSU has played a "solid" opponent (North Carolina, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida) LSU has shown that they are dominant and then backed off in the game.  In the North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida games this strategy nearly handed LSU a loss. In the North Carolina game LSU went into halftime with a 30-10 lead and only managed a 30-24 victory. In the Miss. State game LSU went into halftime with only 3 field goals but eventually went on to a 29-7 victory.  In the West Virginia game LSU went into the half with a 17-7 lead in an eventual 20-14 win. In the UT game the score was tied 7-7 at the half but in the first play of the game LSU ran an 83 yard quarterback keeper for a touchdown, looking extremely dominant. Playing at Florida, LSU was up 20-14 at the half and did not allow Florida a single point in the first or third quarters.  Had LSU's offense and special teams not set up Florida very close to their end zone, Florida might not have score at all in the first half.  I have previously described it as LSU getting ahead and then taking their foot off of the gas. Maybe it is more accurate to say that LSU has as true Southern Gentlemen simply stepped aside and allowed their opponents to save face.  What Cool Cats!  I know, I know - pure fantasy, literary license.

I am ready for our "Cool Cats" to get a little heat under them and make a statement!  It is time to stop fooling around and crush some opponents.  The toughest schedule in the country, the gauntlet run of the SEC West is upon LSU, time to play 60 minutes! Time to show what you have got Tigers!  The week - time for the Real Tigers to stand up!

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Refuse to lose tigers,hit,hit,hit some more.
Play clean,play hard and win that thing!!

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