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November 28, 2010

Four LSU players that were missed

Will Blackwell - OG, Sam Montgomery - DE, Alex Hurst - OT, and Brandon Taylor - S were all starters that were certainly missed.  The backups for each of these starters performed very well but these four guys were named starters for a reason.

I was just thinking that LSU has sure missed Will Blackwell this season.  Prior to the start of the season many LSU fans were excited about what looked like a really improved offensive line.  LSU's offensive line was much improved this year.  LSU ran the ball much better and allowed far fewer sacks.  The o-line would have been even better had starting guard Will Blackwell not been injured on the first play of the season.  The two games where I think LSU sure could have used Blackwell were the Auburn and Alabama games.  Blackwell would have faced Nick Fairley.  I have to think that Blackwell would have had the size and strength to slow up Fairley better than Hebert.  Nick Saban studied the Auburn film and realized that a 285lb very good center (Hebert) had to be the weak spot in LSU's o-line.  I think if you look at the film, you see that Ole Miss put their best interior lineman in the same spot.  Arkansas had success with their pass rush but their success was primarily from their defensive ends.  I can't wait to see a Will Blackwell back to full strength/speed.  That may be in a bowl but certainly will happen by next year.  

When Alex Hurst went down late in the season, LSU lost an entire side of their offensive line.  Hurst's and Blackwell's return will make LSU's offense better next year.

At defensive end Sam Montgomery was challenging Drake Nevis as LSU's most dominate defensive lineman and considering the depth LSU has on the defensive line, that is saying a lot.  Montgomery was lost for the season early in the Tennessee game and with his loss, LSU lost a step and a really formidable pass rusher.  When Montgomery returns LSU will have a rotation at d-line that is unparalleled in college football.  Both Pep Levinston and Drake Nevis will be missed as the starting defensive tackles but there are several potentially great defensive tackles that will be eager to step in and uphold the strong play that is the mark of recent LSU DTs.  LSU also has a couple of very good D-line recruits that have verbally committed.

One thing that surprised me throughout the LSU/Arkansas telecast on CBS is the lack of any mention that LSU was having to start a true freshman at safety due to an injury to junior starter Brandon Taylor.  True freshman Eric Reid is going to be an outstanding safety for LSU for several more years.  His interception and long return of a Ryan Mallett pass in the Arkansas game was a thing of beauty.  However, you have to wonder if a more experienced Brandon Taylor over the top may have prevented at least one of the two 80 yard touchdown passes by Arkansas in the first half or even the second half 40 yard touchdown pass where true freshman cornerback Tyrann Mathieu got beat.

Here is hoping for a speedy and full recovery for these four LSU players and any others that I may have forgotten.


Anonymous said...

O heck,I am as proud of this LSU football team, as I could be...The very young, but good defense players that LSU has coming back, is great stuff...They are bring me a lot of fun, cheering for the purple and gold..Did they make mistakes,yes they did,but they can only get better now..We have a lot to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that LSU is not going to the Sugar Bowl.
"Ohio State" is a bad re-run,that keep playing, over and over.
Lets go see that New Dallas football stadium, in Dallas,TX..The Cotton Bowl is a welcome "Something New".
Les Miles has enough good football play, to have another very good football season, in 2011..I feel good about that.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson was off,he reminds me of a temperamental,fast horse I once had..He would get off of his game,for no apparent reason..Then again,would run like the devil.
One of the LSU defense backs made two bad mistakes that gave Arkansas 14 points..Young,not using his head.
All that will get better next year,or in the Bowl.
We,the LSU football fans, have a lot to look at.
Geaux tigers.

Texas Tiger said...

I am still licking some wounds from the beat down by Arkansas with so much on the line. I forget how young this 2010 Tiger team is as well as the injuries to four very good starters. All in all, the future is very bright for LSU football with a lot of young talent on the roster and that coming in for 2011. The most glaring missing piece is an offensive coordinator that can utilize our talent. Hopefully, Crowton will take the ULL job and get out of LSU ... anything to get him out of there is fine with me. I am growing tired of watching LSU's offense flutter and flounder with a mere scattering of good play. It's been 3 seasons of this with one excuse after another. The talent is there, but we need coaching on that side of the ball and don't have much right now.

The defense will be fine with the coaches and the young talent in 2011. I think LSU will figure prominately in the BCS picture and the SEC for next year.

10-2 isn't bad at all. I know the Texas, Alabama and Florida teams would take it right now! If we win our bowl game and finish 11-2 with a Top 10 ranking ... that is definitely an improvement over last year. The future is bright for LSU football, and I can't wait for the 2011 season!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone, on this blog.
We do have a good idea, about what going on with our LSU tiger football team..A little this,or that,and we are into something very big time.
I am so glade, that we are not going to play Ohio State again.Enough,is enough.

Anonymous said...

Years ago Nick Saban, showed the LSU fans that he really did not care, all that much after all,now did he.
Les Miles kicked Nick Saban teeth in, this year,for us..Be grateful,help Les Miles, build the LSU football program back, into what we want.
Do not hurt the LSU football program over what Nick Saban did.. Living us holding the bag..Les Miles, is doing better now..Lets roll up our sleeves, and help him..I think that we can begin a new..Lets go.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is the best SEC football team this year?
I think that South Carolina, is going to beat Auburn, this Saturday..Then what..Who is the Best team?

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