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November 7, 2010

Les Miles: LSU is 8-1! Have a Diet Coke and a Smile!

Much has been made about Les Miles chewing on the turf at Tiger Stadium ( grass story, grass story) and I feel certain that Miles was joking when he said that the grass in Tiger Stadium tastes better than any other SEC stadium grass.  In fact, I think it is clear that by the time Miles got to his post game news conference, he realized that the people representing lawn and sod did not have the deep pockets of the fine folks representing Diet Coke.  You may notice that about 2:24 into the post Alabama game media conference that one of the first things Les Miles does after beating Alabama is enjoy a Diet Coke.  I guess "less is more" whether you are talking about Les Miles versus a former LSU coach who was wearing mostly red or Diet Coke versus Coke.  It would be a great ad.  Miles and Saban in a Diet Coke versus Coke ad.  Those of you that know me, know that I prefer Coke Zero and I think Diet Coke is my least favorite of the three choices. But after this Les Miles post Alabama game interview, if I were a Diet Coke marketer I would be approaching Miles and Saban. Here is Les Miles post-game interview; watch for the Diet Coke. Oh and he talks about football and the Alabama game some too. (Yes this is all a bit tongue and cheek just like the grass eating stuff.  I am definitely already working on a couple of articles on LSU after 9.)  If you have been hanging around this site waiting, watch the video. I'll try to have some more out shortly.


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Anonymous said...

Great stuff,after all the crying out loud,talking rough, and rude, about Les Miles.
I though, that Nick Saban and his Bama football team, would come into tiger stadium, and win the game for sure.
I was wrong,instead...Les Miles LSU football team, out played, and the LSU coaching staff, out coached...Nick Saban, high flying Alabama football team.
Les Miles out coached, Nick Saban,and this LSU team,took Banma best shot...Only to fight back, and win.
That game, turned into a lot of fun,and all the Les Miles faithful,should stand very tall, and proud.

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