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November 22, 2010

Wisconsin over LSU is Dirty Politics

In Louisiana we are raised on LSU football and politics so we recognize when we have become a victim of dirty politics.  When AP and USA Today poll voters chose Wisconsin over LSU that was just plain wrong.

Wisconsin and LSU both have only one loss.  Wisconsin lost an away game to #10/#11 Michigan State by 10 points.  LSU lost an away game to consensus #2 Auburn by 6 points.

In the first eleven games Wisconsin has played 3 ranked teams.  Wisconsin is 2-1 in games played against ranked teams this year.  All three of the ranked teams that Wisconsin played were Big Ten opponents.

Wisconsin's highest ranked opponent, Ohio State (ranked #1 at the time), has made it to the BCS National Championship game twice in the last four years.  In 2007, then #1 ranked Ohio State was beaten 41-14 by then #2 ranked Florida.  In 2008, then #1 ranked Ohio State was beaten 38-24 by then twice beaten #2 ranked LSU.  I would not normally even mention past years but, I have noticed "expert" analysts this year ranking Boise State and TCU higher based on their records from past years.  While both are undefeated, neither has played more than one decent top twenty five ranked team.  Oregon State is 5-5.  Plus, during a recent ESPN BCS show Kirk Herbstreit explained that where he ranks TCU and Boise State is based in part on their performances from past years.  I know that it is a kind of silly premise but, on the other hand, SEC teams have played in and won 5 of the last 7 BCS National Championships and have been ranked #2 entering 4 of those five contests.

In the first eleven games LSU has played 5 ranked teams.  LSU is 4-1 in games played against ranked teams.  Two of LSU's victories over ranked teams have been over non-SEC teams and the other two victories over ranked opponents have been over SEC teams.  This year LSU has beaten last year's BCS National Champion, Alabama, ranked #4 at the time.  LSU also beat Florida, that won the BCS National Championship two years ago.  Neither Alabama or Florida are the same teams that they were one or two years ago but, both programs are still solid and would give any current top 10 team a run for their money in a game.

Wisconsin has unranked Northwestern left on their schedule.  LSU has #12 ranked Arkansas.

Maybe being disrespected in the polls will inspire LSU to keep winning.  And by the way, Auburn could currently beat any team currently in the top 4 much more easily than they beat LSU.  LSU lost to the then #1 ranked Auburn at Auburn by one touchdown and have been only an outside chance to play in the BCS National Championship ever since.

There used to be a time when running up the score on weak teams was considered poor sportsmanship.  This year, it seems to be the deciding factor in determining who is a worthy contender for the National Championship.  I think we are headed to a playoff system within just a few years and I for one welcome it. I know, LSU would still probably be left out somehow.  Shameful dirty politics.


Anonymous said...

Travesty,if the coaches poll,and other poll, put Wisconsin over LSU in this years top 10.
All year I have seen the stupid lie about Boise State,TCU,ECT being put on top of the more worthy college football team in America.
TV, has corrupted the college football top 10.
I hope enough people, in our country, do not fall for so call wise guys games.
I am very proud of this year LSU tiger football team.I do not need the wise guys to tell me anything.
Geaux Tigers.

Anonymous said...

I once respected, the coaching poll,thinking that the coaches, had some college football honesty..No more,the coaches, are as corrupt as the rest of the other self serving weaklings.
Fairness,sportsmanship,is only in the eyes of the college football fans,to much big money now in college football.The today's top 10 football polls, are a mess.

Anonymous said...

All year, some ESPN TV reporters, have been telling the college football fans..That it really does not matter, who your team plays..Because, the "experts" are simply eye balling the college team playing,now..Making a good, and informed selection, of the college team, that way..Not the worn out dated way of selecting college football team, by who they play, and how strong was the competition.
A new and modern way of lining,fixing the top 10..In there own words.

Anonymous said...

Spinning, our way into the grave,the new American way of life..Spinning,and spending money.
We are going to die anyway, right.
Nothing really matter, any more..Truth,Justice,and the America way, is for kids.
Praying to a God who is not there,is something else, that Americans should stop.
Put any football team you want, into the top 10.
It is a new day,new time,new generation.

Texas Tiger said...

Wisconsin is a good team with a load of offense. Boise State and TCU are undefeated. But what is the quality of the schedules involved? Terrible!!!! Let them get in the SEC, have to really play every week and then see how good they are. If they want recognition, then let them "get a schedule". Boise and TCU play the equivalent of ULM every week. With a schedule like that, LSU would go 12-0 every season. Step up or shut up!!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just one more,one more game, to win,or lose.
I am very proud of Les Miles 2010 LSU football team.We all know, what they have been threw,this football season.
I feel so hopeful now, by the the improved play of QB Jefferson.I feel very hopeful, that LSU will prevail, over Arkansas this coming Saturday, in Arkansas.
My hopes,and prayers, are with them.

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