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May 28, 2011

An Interview with LSU Super Fan Howard A. Gordon

I mentioned that there were a few LSU "Super Fans" that I really enjoy hearing from and that I would like to interview.  Howard A. Gordon is definitely one of those "super fans"!  Howard regular sends me emails packed with encouragement and  great analysis.  The email I just opened from Mr. Gordon is one I would like to share with you.  Here is LSU Tiger Super Fan, Howard A. Gordon's email in full:

Good Morning Bob ...
As usual, one of the first things I check in the morning (after I get my coffee) is your blog.  Today I couldn't be more surprised to see my name included with the category of "super fan".  Thank you!  I will give you an interview anytime my friend.  In my 53 (counting 2011) seasons of LSU football, I've seen just about everything, but I am more excited about this 2011 team than any since 2003.  I read the interview with your friend Mark Young, and it was great!  I don't necessarily agree with him on everything, but his points are well taken.  I'm going to jump the gun a little and give you my answers to those same questions:
What is the answer to LSU's QB woes? Should coach Kragthorpe concentrate on developing Jefferson or try to develop one of the backups?
I think Kragthrope will actually do both.  He will "coach up" Jordan Jefferson, and as a result JJ will continue playing the season at his "Cotton Bowl level".  I feel Kragthrope will correct his faults, and being the great athlete JJ is, he will respond with his play on the field.  Just in case that doesn't materialize or in the case of injury to JJ, Kragthrope will also groom Mettenberger.  I think he can and will do both with emphasis on JJ.
Which player will have a surprise breakout season on offense this year?
I agree with Mark Young on Jakhari Gore.  He is immensely talented and will contribute significantly to the offense.  His lack of size is more than compensated with his speed.  He will be fun to watch as the season unfolds.
What will be LSU's biggest strength on defense - the line or the db?
That's a tough one because both will be strengths of the defense.  I'm going to say the defensive backs because of the absolutely tremendous talent there.  The D-line will also be a terror on defense, but I feel the backfield with be the biggest strength with a close second going to the D-line.
What are your expectations for the Oregon Game?
I'm going to disagree with Mark on this one.  I think LSU will win this game in a hard fought battle.  Oregon is very talented, and that 8-second offense is a tough draw for LSU's defense.  However, Auburn showed you can control it and make it one dimensional.  I think that's exactly what Chavis will do:  stop the run and rely on LSU's excellent secondary.  LSU certainly has the line to stop the run.  My concern there is the linebackers.  However, remember that is Chavis' specialty, and he will have these guys ready.  They will make a few mistakes early, but that will be corrected by the coaches.
On offense, I know it's a new coordinator and a quarterback a lot of people have doubts about.  However, with the talent LSU has, I feel they will have the offense down and will be ready on September 3rd.  This entire LSU team has a tremendous work ethic that I just love.
Special teams have a new coach and a lot of new faces.  I believe this group will be ready also. 
My prediction is a win by LSU in a close, tough game with a lot of excitement.  I can't wait!
What do you expect the Tigers overall record to be this year?
I'm going to predict a 13-1 season with LSU winning the SEC and beating a very good Oklahoma team in the BCS Championship.  Contrary to many sports writers, I don't believe LSU will lose at Alabama.  LSU will squeak out a close one in Tuscaloosa with grit and determination.  The new quarterbacks at Alabama will be their Achilles heal in close games.  But it's a long, tough season for LSU, and the team will have to bring the "A" game each and every week to get to the Championship.
This LSU team simply has grit, and they will need it with the tough schedule.  The lone loss will come to a team they should beat.  I honestly feel this LSU team has that intangible something that takes a team to the National Championship.  As Nick Saban said, it takes great play and a whole lot of luck to get to the Championship.  I feel this 2011 team will have it.
Bob, I really like your idea with the interviews.  Thank you again for the honor of being classified as an "LSU Super Fan".  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Geaux Tigers!

Notice that Howard is such a solid LSU fan that his responses are in purple.  Every email that Howard sends to me is in "LSU Tiger" purple.  Thank You very much Mr. Howard A. Gordan! In my book you are absolutely a Tiger Super Fan.  

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