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May 17, 2011

Two Articles that Will Interest LSU Football Fans

Just after dinner this afternoon I ran across two separate articles that will be of interest to LSU football fans.

The first article "Oregon’s Explosive Offense versus LSU’s Thundering Defense" by Kristi Rifenbark from a site called .   I am glad to see spirited Duck fans starting to get pumped about the coming clash of the Titans in Jerry World.  I have just had a chance to glance through this article but will take a closer look when I get a chance.  The article title seems to be pretty telling about what to expect to read but, I am eager to read the details of what the Duck blogger has to say.

The second article, "LSU Football: 10 Young Players Who Could Become Legends" from the Bleacher Report by Brett Stephen is a quick read that will give Tiger fans something to think about.  After reading this article LSU fans can look to the future of our football team with anticipation of success for the foreseeable future.  Tiger fans should definitely take a look at this article.

Really both articles are a good dose of what many Tiger fans are looking for this time of the year.  Well, other than winning baseball games which thank goodness the Tigers seemed to have remembered how to do.  

I am still thinking about the many wonderful, terrible (if you are an LSU opponent), things that Steve Kragthorpe could do with the players he commands on offense.  I expect to start that conversation soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bob! Thanks for getting back on the bandwagon with your post. Always read and enjoy them through my e-mail.


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