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June 1, 2011

Answers to Questions about LSU Football

The Bob's Sports Blog LSU Tigers exiled in Alabama chapter had a couple of questions about the Bayou Bengals that I feel obliged to share.  When our Bayou Bengal brethren are wedged between shouts of "Roll Tide!"  and "War Eagle" you are honor bound to let them know that the real Tigers are doing well.

Here are the questions:
So what are your thoughts on the o line issue for the season?  I’d also like to know your opinion on Spencer Ware, whether you think he has the talent and physical ability to be more than just another running back for the Tigers.

And here is my reply (slightly altered for editing corrections, mostly):
I may end up writing an article or two on your questions in the near future but, here are my immediate thoughts.

I think LSU's offensive line last year was an improvement over the previous year.  Of course the expectations for the o-line the previous year were super high after Miles was quoted as saying in preseason that he thought that the o-line was possibly the best he had ever coached.  Like you, I am a big fan of Les Miles but, I don't think he will go overboard in touting players in preseason again.  He was certainly careful last year and seemed to be playing his cards close to the vest during the Spring.  I think Will Blackwell getting hurt early in the first game of the season last year was big.  If he and the rest of the o-line are able to escape injury, I think we will see a even more real improvement this year in LSU's o-line.

As for Spencer Ware - Ware and Rueben Randle played quarterback in high school because they were the best athletes and best football players on their high school teams.  Both were pretty good QBs in high school but, Ware was always projected as a running back and Randle was always projected as a wide receiver in college.  Ware prove last year in the Auburn game that he still knows how to throw a touchdown pass but, I think Ware is going to be one of the best running backs that LSU has ever seen. We both know that is a huge claim on my part.  One of the recruiting services that evaluated Ware out of high school suggested that because Ware had  over trained in the weight room, his speed may have suffered.  We will see.  He may not have sub-4.5/40yd breakaway speed but he has great moves and can run over most defensive backs.  I think Ware is probably as fast or faster than Charles Scott or Stevan Ridley and both of those guys were outstanding running backs in college.  It has crossed my mind that  Ridley may have decided to go pro this year because he knew that Ware, Michael Ford, Alfred Blue and even Jakhari Gore would be pushing him for starting time and I am not trying to take anything away from Ridley. Stevan Ridley literally carried the offense last year.  I am hoping that there is not a drop off in the running game this year and given the talent of Spencer Ware and company, I don't expect a drop off.  I expect an even more robust running game.

Thanks again my friend for your many contributions and your support!

Geaux Tigers!


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