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July 8, 2011

LSU Football Lunch Links:

Using Top College Teams and Top College Teams SEC Page I found these articles during lunch.  I think LSU fans will find these articles of interest:

First up - Oklahoma blogger, Allen Kenney, discusses the LSU - Tennessee game.  Yes, he talks about last year's LSU-UT game and this year's. Read This Article

Second, if this article is any indication, Louisville fans are still upset about their Steve Kragthorpe experience. Read This Article   I do not recall Louisville football being something to watch before Bobby Petrino and it seems that once Petrino left Louisville, so did their winning ways. 

In light of the Willie Lyles stuff that we are bombarded with lately, you have to wonder about any coach that has been successful recruiting top athletes.  Here is one more Willie Lyles article that discusses Lyles involvement with LSU.  Read This Article

and Finally, here is a good article from The New Orleans Times-Picayune titled "LSU vs. Oregon football game can't get here fast enough" by Peter Finney that I think you might enjoy.  Read This Article

I have to finish lunch and get back to work.  I am thinking about writing an article about the Willie Lyles experience - LSU vs. Oregon style.  Check back later, I think you will enjoy the article that I am thinking about.

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