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September 14, 2011

Super Fan, Howard Gordon, Gives his take on LSU vs. Mississippi State

I receive a number of emails each day.  Every now and then I receive an email that I think most LSU fans would like to see.  This email from Howard Gordon concerning the LSU/Miss St. game is one of those emails.  

Good Morning Bob ...
It's certainly good to have you "back" my friend.  I've certainly missed your insights. 
This is my take on the Miss. State game.  Miss. State has improved immensely under Mullen, and they looked pretty good against Auburn ... right up until the last play of the game.  However, as you said, they have not played a defense like LSU's.  Auburn's defense did not impress me.  Matter of fact, there was little or no defense in the entire game as far as I could tell!  This is what I think will happen Thursday night:
LSU will have a good night rushing the football.  Both Spencer Ware and Michael Ford will have good games as will Alfred Blue.  The offensive line will shine!
LSU should pass for at least 200 yards given the Miss. State secondary. 
The defense will shut down the Miss. State rushing game, although not to the degree in the NSU game.  That will force State to pass more than they would like.  Our secondary will be up to the task of taking care of things there. 
The offensive line for State is big as usual.  However, the athleticism and strength of our d-line will also be up to the task and should control the line of scrimmage limiting State's rushing attack.  LSU will put pressure on Relf all night long.
State will keep the game interesting for 2 1/2 quarters or so before LSU pulls away with a convincing victory.  I don't think 40 points is out of the question.  If we don't score 40, I won't be disappointed ... just give us an SEC victory!
All in all, this team has talent, size, power and maturity.  As you said, that maturity really showed up in the NSU game.  In the past, LSU has played those games good enough to win and that was about it.  They showed a great deal of maturity playing that game.  Now it's time for the real games ... SEC competition!  I feel as good about this team as any I've witnessed in my 53 years of LSU football!
Geaux Tigers!

Thanks for checking in Howard!  I really enjoy reading your emails.


Kory said...

Hey a little off topic, but I'm trying to see how SEC fans think about the possible addition of Mizzou. Good/bad/indifferent?

Good blog by the way and good luck to LSU the rest of the way, the team is stacked.

Latest on Manny Pacquiao said...

Impressive post and I enjoyed reading it. You did a good job. Thank you for sharing.


Ragnor relay said...

I just hope LSU would garner more scores. I know they would play it professionally. Keep it up!

Bet 365 said...

I want to see LSU make a big wave in the field.

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