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October 10, 2010

LSU is 6-0!!!

LSU is the best team in the country.  

LSU has a rushing offense.
LSU ran against Florida.  In the Alabama/Florida game one week prior to the LSU/Florida game last year's Heisman trophy winner, Mark Ingram, ran for 47 yards and 2 touchdowns.  LSU's quarterback, Jordan Jefferson, ran for 42 yards and 2 touchdowns last night against Florida. LSU's main running back, Stevan Ridley, rushed for 83 yards against Florida and most of those runs were in between the tackles. To be fair Alabama did rush for 170 total yards against Florida and LSU only managed 161 yards.  Florida 8 men on the defensive line most of the night:  they were playing to stop the run. Seven different LSU players ran with the ball.  Michael Ford got the ball twice.  If he had not stumbled, Ford would have had more than 24 yards on his first carry.  Ford showed his inexperience and was shutdown close to the goal line on his second carry.  I would love to see LSU use Ford as Ridley's main replacement.

Finally, LSU has a passing offense.
Jordan Jefferson looked much better passing against Florida.  Jefferson did throw an interception but this time the interception was a result of being hit just as he was throwing the ball.  You may recall that last week Jefferson threw an interception to a Tennessee defender standing by himself in the middle of the field.  Before the end of the game the ESPN announcers were identifying Jefferson as the "running quarterback" and Jarrett Lee as the "passing quarterback".  While Jefferson did throw for 100 yards, others identifying him as the "running QB" is a good thing because if ought to force teams to keep more defenders near the line of scrimmage and open up the pass.  LSU should probably let Lee run the option occasionally now that he is pegged as the "passing QB."  Lee seems to have really matured as a passer.  He threw for 124 yards against Florida and had two touchdowns. Lee had two perfect passes to finish the game. The first pass was not caught because a Florida defender was holding Toliver's right arm and slapping him on the helmet but the refs decided to overlook that one. The second pass was a thing of beauty - Lee threw the perfect pass, Toliver made the perfect catch and the Tigers won the game.  While many LSU fans are happy to see Lee get some opportunities at quarterback, the happiest guy in the world has to be Terrence Toliver.  Against Florida, Toliver had his first two touchdown receptions of the year and had 111 yards receiving on the night.

LSU's defense has the best in the country.
LSU had two uncounted safeties in the game.  OK, the first safety was legitimately not counted because of a penalty.  Drake Nevis did manage to put one of his hands on the Florida QBs facemask but as fast as the Florida QB was trying to get in the fetal position, it was had for Nevis to avoid the facemask.  The second uncounted safety with around 2 minutes left in the game was clearly a safety.  After the play, Tyrann Mathieu was calling for the challenge flag on the field and I was calling for it from the couch.  Enough about the safeties that might have been.  Mathieu managed to cause and recover a fumble on the next series.  Maybe Miles was trying to fire him up when he refused to throw the challenge flag.  When LSU decided to blitz, they crushed Florida and collected several sacks.  LSU's defense gave up some points but Florida's first two touchdowns were nearly in the red zone and one of Florida's touchdowns was on a kickoff return.  In my book, LSU's defense truly gave up 8 points.  I know, it is just my book but it is hard for me to fault the defense for an interception returned to the 36 yard line, a LSU fumbled punt giving Florida the ball on the 16 yard line, and an 88 yard kick returned for a touchdown. 

LSU's special teams came through when it counted.
Patrick Peterson did prove that he is not superman last night when he fumbled a punt giving Florida the ball 16 yards away from the endzone. The kickoff coverage team gave up a touchdown late just as it looked like LSU was pulling away.  So this was the first and hopefully the last game where special teams cost LSU 14 points.  The kick off coverage team did pin Florida inside the five yard line on LSU's first kickoff that setup what should have been LSU's first safety of the game.  Patrick Peterson did have several solid returns. Josh 

Jasper was the hero of the special teams this week.  Jasper kicked field goals of 39 and 45 yards and made game changing run on a fake field goal.  Listening to Les Miles on the field post game interview, it sounded like Miles was expecting Jasper to run for a touchdown against Florida.  Because Jasper had to field the pitch on the bounce as it passed two Florida defenders, he only managed a first down.  The play was reviewed for four minutes by replay officials who confirmed that everything on the fake field goal was legitimate.  That four minutes gave LSU enough time to plan what to do next. Two sweet passes from Jarrett Lee to Terrence Toliver is all it took to win the game.

LSU dominated the game, so why did LSU not dominate the scoreboard?
Several people sent me emails that complained that LSU was not allowed to dominate because of poor officiating.  While I agree that the officiating was peculiar, it was fair.  Both teams head calls that made a difference.  I have never seen holding called on a defensive lineman on a kick as was called on Pep Levingston in the third quarter but, even after moving the ball half the distance to the goal, the Florida kicker missed the field goal.  I think many fans will be surprised to find that LSU was penalized for 61 yards and Florida was penalized for 69 yards.  Penalties did not keep LSU from dominating the scoreboard.

Mistakes by LSU kept Florida in the game early.  I have mentioned the interception returned to the LSU 36 and the punt muff recovered on the 16 yard line in the first half.  Correct those two big mistakes and LSU goes into the locker room with at least a 20-0 lead at the half.  The mistakes here and there kept Florida in the game.  In big games like this one, playing a ranked opponent in their house, you are going to make some mistakes.

LSU has fixed it quarterback , passing game, offense scoring problems.  The defense played very well. LSU's kickoff coverage and punt return teams had an off night but I suspect those teams will rebound by the next game.  I think LSU did not dominate because of coaching calls.  For some reason LSU's offense does not come out ready to play the beginning of the third quarter.  I would like to see Jarrett Lee begin the second half.  It seems to me that Jefferson does not come out focused in the second half. Coaches need to recognize that fact.  While I am playing armchair offensive coordinator,  it was really predictable by the second half that when Jarrett Lee took the field,  Stevan Ridley was likely to get the ball handed to him on the first and often the second play.  If I am the OC, I am going to call a play action pass or maybe even give Lee a legitimate option at faking the handoff to Ridley, pulling the ball out and running. 

The only thing I can say about LSU's defense is that it seemed like every single time LSU brought pressure, they disrupted Florida's offense.  I would keep bringing pressure until the opponent figures it out.  Florida seemed to make plays when LSU played less aggressive.

Forget about why LSU did not dominate the scoreboard.
LSU dominated Florida.  LSU earned this win against a very good Florida team.  While there have been some ugly wins for the Tigers this year, this win was a thing of beauty.  Do the coaches and players have somethings to work? Sure.  But this is the best team in the country.  LSU is only one of two 6-0 teams in the SEC.  The other team is Auburn.  Auburn plays Arkansas this week.  LSU plays McNeese State this week.  LSU then travels to meet Auburn October 23, the next week.  I am looking forward to October 23rd!


Anonymous said...

I got chills
they multiplying
and I'm losing
because the power
that you supplying
is electrifying

6-0,I need a friend
and my heart is set on
better shape up
and understand
to my heart I
must be true

your the one that
I love, tigers
your the one that
I love, tigers
O yes indeed
O yes indeed...

Anonymous said...

God help us all,I see a image taking shape..Something spooky.
A spirit image...The one Les Miles
is talking about.
The LSU players, see and hear the Les Miles drum beat,and they do not care.
The LSU offense does have a identity,a spirit shape.
Can you see it?

Anonymous said...

I love the Tigers!!!
A chance to be great football team again.
Les Miles is right,this team can be great.

Anonymous said...

I have chill to...You don't think, that the mad man LSU Les Miles can
go undefeated.
And win everything,do you?

Anonymous said...

Spooky,that this LSU football season is taking on a spirit of it own.
LSU keep winning.
Jarret Lee looks like he is catching on.
Lee passing is much better,and he is advancing as a QB.
Les Miles is a very lucky football coach.
Did you see that football, bounce up like a basketball- into the FG kicker hands, on the run?

Anonymous said...

I am happy that the Tigers are improving, but they have to cut back on the big mistakes & penalties. I do think LSU is one of the top 10 teams in the country, but I am not ready to say they are the best. I have three major concerns at this point, which may be referred to collectively as the "Triple A" threat:
* Auburn
* Alabama
* Arkansas


Anonymous said...

The identity, of this LSU football team is:
"The Spirit"
LSU football,the thing that coach Les Mile is the most proud of.
Auburn defense- has holes,Alabama can be beaten,Arkansas is not all that sharp- after all...The undefeated season, is within reach, of this tiger team.
Let go get it!!

Anonymous said...

It was in plain sight,LSU has equal,or better talent, with the best college football team in this country.
That was a good show, the LSU players brought to the Florida game.
I was very proud of them.
I liked the way the LSU offense played,it was not polish yet,but I think they can get there now.
I agree, that it looks like the Les Miles coaching stuff, will not hurt this team after all.
Les Mile has become a bigger danger to the other team now.
And that the way I like it.
Winning is a lot of fun!!

TigerTed said...


I love your stuff, but I don't really understand the man love for Michael Ford. He was a big recruit, but so were the other backs. He gained yardage on that one run because everyone was block.

Personally, I have a big hairy man crush on the whole Tiger O-Line!

Those guys are awesome and not getting the props. Do an article on those guys. They are playing 10X better than last years version. Last year LSU's line was probably not in the top 90 when you looked lack of rushing yards, sacks, and penalties. Barksdale still has some penalty issues and T-Bob can still be bull rushed, but as a group they are probably in the top ten.

Bob Wynn said...

To TigerTed: I see Ridley, Ford, and Ware as the Tigers best three running backs in a squad of truly talented backs. I think my desire to see Ford play comes from the fact that LSU chose Ford over Christine Michael. Michael had 844yards and 10 TDs for Texas A&M last year and was named Big 12 freshman of the year by the Big 12 coaches. (I went to grad school at Tx A&M after LSU.) Anyway I think LSU was right in their choice of Ford over Michael and there is only one way to see if that is true. I need to write more about Ridley. I am a huge fan of Ridley. That guy has NFL star written all over him.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the football bounce up into the FG kicker hand on the run!!!
Les Miles is a very lucky coach...The kind of luck that is jar dropping.
The kind of luck that make grown men scream.
The kind of luck that make nice women curse.
A football with two pointed ends bounced straight up...That kind of luck.
Les Miles is lucky.

Anonymous said...

If LSU beats Auburn,Alabama is coming into tiger stadium, and LSU will be undefeated...O my God!!!
That is going to be a hard hitting game..Winner takes all.
I pray, for a nice cool clear night,
A chance to be a champion again..Who would have believed it?

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