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October 12, 2010

A Tiger Fan with Solid Insight

I receive a number of emails after each article that I post and I respond to each email as quickly as possible. But I would like to share a recent email from a fellow fan named Howard. Other than through a couple of emails, I do not know Howard but, Howard and I have a similar perspective when we see the potential in this year's LSU football team. This is an email that I received from Howard this morning and I have altered only slightly by changing the font style to Arial and the color of the font from it's original purple.  I have also italicized what Howard wrote to distinguish it from my writing.

Good Morning Bob ...

You probably don't remember, but at the beginning of the season you kept saying this team would be good ... Les Miles is a good coach ... etc. I was one of the few that agreed with you, and your response email said we were "shoulder to shoulder". Well partner, we were right! I knew this team had the potential, and it was a matter of time until it got down to the field. This is only the middle of the season, but the way LSU played Saturday was simply "lights out". Yes, there are still some things that need improvement, but you can't argue about the progress this team has made. It is so good to see good things written about LSU in the sports press for a change. We are starting to get the respect we deserve. I just hope we can sustain it through the rough stretch ahead. I believe we will because this team has their "swagger" back. It showed in the response to Florida going ahead last Saturday. We could have folded with failed attempts at a tie score to force overtime. Instead, we took a deep breath and simply went out on the field in a hostile environment and WON! That is the character of this team and it's coaches. I knew we could do it ... it just took longer than I thought it would. This team now has the intangibles that win Championships ... Let's GEAUX TIGERS!

Geaux Tigers!
LSU '72

P.S. I really love your column! I look forward to you and Dandy Don every day. Please, keep up the great work!!!!

God Bless you, Howard, for remaining hopeful.  Might I also say that you have excellent taste in the LSU football coverage that you choose to follow. (Yes, it is an attempt at a winking kind of low level humor.  But, I do appreciate your support of my blog. Keep reading, maybe the wife will let me keep the hobby going.)  There are many more fans coming around to Howard's and my perspective.  Several fans have written or told me that they are still concerned about what one fan called "the three A's: Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas" which is certainly cause for concern. And for good measure a few have added that Ole Miss's coach Houston Nutt seems to have LSU's number.   But the Tigers are improving each week and Miles and the Tigers are well aware that one of the toughest schedules in college football lies ahead.  Let's hope and maybe say a little prayer, like that young lady that was shown on TV at the Florida game, that the Tigers remain hungry for improvement each week and keep the Eye of the Tiger!


Anonymous said...

Amazing,a college head football coach,who can"t coach, has football fans,that think he can coach...Amazing.
He not lucky...Miles is a good head coach...You really believe that,after what you saw.
That crazy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:04 ... you don't even make sense. Make way for real fans!

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