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June 27, 2011

Interesting Observations About LSU Football

This morning I noticed this from Dandy Don:
"In LSU football news, I have picked up a little information from Summer workouts. I am hearing great things concerning redshirt freshmen wide receivers Jarrett Fobbs and Armand Williams. I am also hearing great things concerning the following redshirt freshmen: defensive tackle Ego Ferguson (6'2", 300), offensive lineman Evan Washington (6'5", 315), defensive end Jordan Allen (6'6", 255) and tight end Nic Jacobs (6'5", 270). I am also hearing great things about Sam Montgomery who will be back at full speed this Fall, Chase Clement, Travis Dickson, Josh Williford, J.C. Copelad and Barkevious Mingo."

I was kind of wondering where offensive tackle Evan Washington stood in relation to Chris Faulk in taking over the vacancy left by Joseph Barksdale.  Both Faulk and Washington were both highly recruited and are pretty much the same height and weight.  With both Washington and backup offensive guard Josh Williford making progress this is great news for LSU's depth at offensive line.

Sam Montgomery and Barkevious "KeKe" Mingo were two of the fastest defensive ends at the beginning of last year.  Both boasted a true 4.5sec/40yd speed and if Montgomery is back at full speed after suffering an injury in the Tennessee game last year, then quarterbacks beware.

Jarrett Fobbs and Armand Williams making noise at wide receiver makes LSU's receivers the deepest talent in college football.  There will be no acceptable excuse for LSU not having a top passing game this year.  Forget merely improved.  Improving LSU's passing game from last year would be raising it to average.  The depth at offensive line, the talent at running back, and the crazy depth at wide receiver warrants a top flight passing game.

I also noticed an article on And the Valley Shook that drop kicked a way-off-base article by College Pundit. The College Pundit article rated Les Miles "the worst college coach in the country".  Kudos to Poseur from And the Valley Shook for crushing College Pundit.  College Pundit - Les Miles is the Best college coach in the country bar none.

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