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June 25, 2011

A Wonderful Time of the year - Thinking About LSU's Season

"If LSU wins the national title they will have earned it. They play Oregon in Dallas and West Virginia in Morgantown in '11. Will be interesting to see if Lamichael James can run against the LSU defense. No one talks about the fact that James and Oregon struggled mightily on the ground against an Auburn defense that was nothing special save their uber-DT." from Texas A&M blogger Mike Tag found on "I am the 12th Man" SB Nation blog site.

I am developing a Drudge-like/Alltop-like  site to track what is being written/said about the  top college football teams.  It is in early development but if you want to, take a look - Top College Teams .  Naturally, there will always be items on the page that include LSU.  It is still in the "brainstorming-try it see what it looks like" stage.

While there is not much happening in LSU football right now, there are still many things to consider. I will be interested to see if Spencer Ware will be able to establish himself as the main LSU running back.  There are several talented running backs at LSU.  Will coaches Miles and Kragthorpe pull Jefferson from the starting position sooner even if LSU is winning? or Will Jordan Jefferson finally have developed the quick decision making and take charge leadership qualities that seemed to lag last year?  Jefferson is plenty talented and a great athlete.  If he can develop the qualities that he seemed to lack, Jefferson will win a national championship and a potentially huge NFL contract. Few athletes have the abilities that Jefferson has and fewer still get the opportunity that he has to shine on the stage that LSU football provides.  Will John Chavis figure out how to manage the defense in the 8-seconds that Oregon will allow between plays?  How will LSU's secondary do with out superman Patrick Peterson and the coach on the field, Kelvin Sheppard?  How will LSU do in away games against West Virginia, Mississippi State, Tennessee, and Alabama?  Will there be magic when LSU wins a National Championship in the New Orleans Superdome? 

This is a great time of the year to wonder and imagine great things.  Geaux Tigers!    

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