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June 11, 2011

LSU Tiger Super Fan Howard Gordon Checks In

I receive many emails and try to read and respond to every single one as quickly as possible.  This Saturday I would like to share a portion of an email from LSU Super Fan Howard Gordon.  Howard's thoughts on the LSU vs. Oregon game make a lot of sense to me. Do not adjust the color on your screen:  Howard always writes in Tiger purple.

I am really expecting a great game.  As I've said before, I believe Kragthrope will have the offense ready, and that includes Jordan Jefferson.  Oregon's speed on defense and offense does concern me, but you can't forget the talent LSU will put on the field on both sides of the ball.  The talent on the field in Dallas on September 3rd will be something to see.  Oregon may have lost some stars, but they have plenty left in the tank too.

In order for LSU to win this game, I feel three things must happen:
  1. We have to keep the Oregon offense off the field with ball control.  Three and outs aren't going to win this game.  LSU must keep the advantage of "possession time".
  2. The defense cannot afford to give up big plays like we did last year.  I know this is reaching, but if you take away the big plays given up to Auburn and Arkansas, LSU comes away with a W instead of an L. 
  3. The linebacker position must be solid to stop the short passing game of Oregon as well as keeping an eye on       the very mobile Oregon quarterback.  Again, looking back at 2010, mobile quarterbacks gave LSU all kinds of problems.  That must be corrected to win this one.
Personally, ol' buddy, I believe LSU will rise up to occasion and win a hard fought, relatively low scoring game.  I think the hard nosed LSU defense will be key.  This is a "first game", and it will be critical to get off to a good start and not play "catch up" with that Oregon offense. 
Geaux Tigers!

I think Howard may have the keys to LSU's success in the season opener against the Oregon Ducks.  I also think that the Bayou Bengals are up to the task of accomplishing Mr. Gordon's recipe for success.  Thank you Mr. Howard Gordon for your thoughts.  Geaux Tigers! 

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