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June 13, 2011

Houston Checks In: An Interview with LSU Super Fan Craig Ceccanti

Craig Ceccanti is the Vice President of the Greater Houston LSU Alumni Association and a huge LSU fan. I think you will find Craig's answers to my interview questions interesting.

Bob:   What is the answer to LSU's QB woes? Should coach Kragthorpe concentrate on developing Jefferson or try to develop one of the backups?

Craig:  The root of the problem is poor quarterback recruiting. However, moving forward I think that Kragthorpe needs to concentrate on Jefferson. He is a senior, and he has the valuable experience. If LSU is going to make a NC run, it's going to be on the back of the 3 year returning starter, not an unproven underclassman. Fans often think the grass is greener with Zach Mettenberger, but I happen to agree with the approach Coach Miles is taking. Mettenberger will get much needed experience this year and hopefully step in and dominate for 2 years as the starter. Kragthorpe will make them all better, that's for sure!

Bob:  Which player will have a surprise breakout season on offense this year?

Craig:  I can't help but think that Spencer Ware is going to blow up this year. We saw flashes of greatness last year but, he should get more opportunities this season. Plus, the offensive line is going to be very very good so the holes will be there for the running game.

Bob:  What will be LSU's biggest strength on defense - the line or the defensive backfield? 

Craig:  The db's are young, but holy sh*t are they good. I would give the nod to the db's but not by much. Tyrann Mathieu will continue to be a playmaker, Morris Claiborne will put his men on lockdown, Eric Reed and Craig Loston will bring some serious lumber over the middle. They'll be fun to watch.

Bob: What are your expectations for the Oregon Game?

Craig:  Duck season is open! I expect LSU to make a statement in front of the whole country. We will win this game, and we will ride the positive press all season. Think Virginia Tech 2007.

Bob:  What do you expect the Tigers overall record to be this year?

Craig:  11-1

Special thanks to Craig Ceccanti for his thoughts on Tiger football 2011!  From Craig's responses it sounds like the Tigers in Houston may be expecting a Duck call that sounds something like "Houston, we have a problem."  I should have asked Craig which one game he expects the Tigers to lose.

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