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June 14, 2011

Thoughts From LSU Super Fan Jon Cefalu

Even though Jon Cefalu and I are Facebook friends, we have never met.  Jon and I are bound by our unyielding support for the LSU Tigers.  Jon is a Junior studying Theater/Communications at LSU and hopes to be an actor.  While I do not know Jon personally, Jon is representative of a distinct and sizable segment of LSU fans.  Almost every time I see something that Jon has posted on Facebook, I remember how much fun it was to be young and in college at LSU.  Here is a picture of Jon.  He's the guy on the left.

Jon Cefalu with Coach Les Miles
This is a description  of Jon Cefalu in his own words :  First I just want to start out by saying i'm a big LSU, probably the biggest fan, I represent LSU in everything I do, I even rap about the success of LSU and My love 4 LSU. I think of myself as LSU's posterboy! Most of the team knows who I am and I'm cool with the Coaches too! They are all my homies and I rep hard for my team!!
You got to love a guy with this much passion for his team.  Jon's next words in his email to me were "and now on to the questions."  Sounds like a good idea!

Bob:   What is the answer to LSU's QB woes? Should coach Kragthorpe concentrate on developing Jefferson or try to develop one of the backups?
 Jon:  I think Coach kragthorpe should put more time into developing Mettenberger and the other QBs, JJ has had enough time, he's started for the past 2 1/2 years and even though he looked great during the Cotton bowl game against Texas A&M, he looked sloppy during the spring game and he needs to throw a lot better and study the playbook a lot more. I think Kragthorpe will make every QB better, even Jordan Jefferson. I'm hoping that we do get to see a Little Of Zach Mettenberger this year, cause I knew he was going to be great when I first heard about him at Georgia. 

Bob:  Which player will have a surprise breakout season on offense this year?
Jon:  I think the players that will have a big breakout year will be Rueben Randle, Spencer Ware and Hopefully My buddy Russell Shepp has a great season 2. I also think Jakhari Gore will start to blow up too. He did really well in the spring game. Spencer ware will definitely have a big season this year. We saw him doing it big last year and i can't wait to see what he does this year, also I'm ready to see my buddy Lael Collins go beastmode like the way he did at my high school Redemptorist. 

Bob:  What will be LSU's biggest strength on defense - the line or the defensive backfield?
Jon:  The Db's are young, but very skilled and know what to do. Tyrann Mathieu is straight ballin, he will definitely be one of the big play makers on defense. I remember last year against North Carolina he leaped on one of the players and took em down like a jaguar. I was at the game and after that play I was like "sh*t! that guy is awesome, who was that guy? later I found out, and to my surprise I had a friend request from him waiting for me. After the game in the hotel, I got on to check my Facebook and saw a notification that said Tyrann Matheiu wants to be your friend and I was like what!!! OMG wow!!! I will definitely accept. I mean who wouldnt be excited about that. 3 more play makers that will be exciting to watch tear up the opponents offense are Morris Claiborne, Eric Reed and Craig Loston. Also don't forget about Anthony "The FREAK" Johnson. He will lay people out 2. 

Bob: What are your expectations for the Oregon Game?
Jon:   ITS DUCK HUNTING TIME!! My expectations for the Oregon game is that we show the whole country who's boss and I think we will win!!  It might be close at first like it was the first quarter of the cotton bowl against Texas A&M, but we will come out on top at the end. The media needs to quit bashing LSU, we are going to show all those haters what we are all about. I will be at that game and I will be doing what I do best at the game and that is Reppin hard for my team, and then party hard if we win! LSU4EVER

Bob:  What do you expect the Tigers overall record to be this year?
Jon:  I think we will go 11-1 or even better 12-0 perfect season and then be up for a National Championship in the Big N.O. I hope we do have a perfect season when its all said and done. We need to show all the haters/media that we can have a perfect season too just like Bama -which I hate majorly and Auburn 


Clearly, Jon is very candid about what he thinks.  Thanks Jon, for sharing your thoughts.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment

GeauxLSU#1 said...

This guy represents for the school and has some good thoughts about the Tigers. Geaux Tigers, YE-YE.
Don't hate because you are not a Tiger fan, that just shows your jealousy.

Anonymous said...

Good guy here!! Geaux Tigers!!!

Dale said...

I know Jon fairly well. We had a class together last semester. He isn't an embarrassment to LSU by any stretch of the imagination.

Also, Jon is a very good person, and I'm glad to call him my friend.


Ted said...

Jon is cool as hell, and my friend. Y'all need to stop that, the man bleeds purple and gold.

Anonymous said...

This guy is over the top! He is one of the things I love about cajun country.

Anonymous said...

Jon is my fb friend, and I have the utmost respect for him. What an AWESOME representation for the LSU TIGERS! His thoughts are outstanding and brilliant....KUDOS to you Jon!!!

fb friend in shreveport,la ; )


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