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July 6, 2011

A Couple of Kragthorpe Articles

I have not written a thing about LSU's new offensive coordinator, Steve Kragthorpe, since January but I guess there is a reason for the "Older Posts" tag below the last shown article.  Yesterday I received this:
Read your blog about Kragthorpe doing something crazy. How about a 3 yard pass play on 3rd and 5? It took him just 4 games to destroy 9 years of winning football, coming off of an Orange Bowl win with 56 returning lettermen.  We were a 38 point favorite at home against a lowly Syracuse squad and lost 38-35.  We use the term "Kragged" It is used to describe the utter ruination vested upon our program by that fraudulant charlatan.
U of L fan"
Since the U of L fan emailed me instead of leaving a comment on a specific article, I can only figure that he was referring to my "Kragthorpe vs. Kragthorpe" article.  Maybe I wrote something about crazy things that Kragthorpe could do with the talent of LSU's offense.  Anyway, Steve Kragthorpe is starting to get quite a bit of attention in the national media lately.  Here is an article on Rivals by Tom  Dienhart entitled "Kragthorpe holds key to LSU title dream"  and another that focuses on Kragthorpe article by ESPN's Chris Low called "Coaching 'em up: LSU".

I think coach Kragthorpe will solve LSU's passing problems.  Les Miles knows Steve Kragthorpe from their Oklahoma coaching days and Miles evidently thinks coach Kragthorpe has the right skills and strategy for solving LSU's passing problems.  If LSU's does not show clear and consistent offensive improvement, don't expect LSU fans to be patient.  LSU has far too much talent to not be productive.

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